Do you have investments and want to know whether they are right for you and whether they are balanced?

Do you have investments and want to know

whether they are right for you and whether they are balanced?

Read here and find out what can be done

Dear brothers and sisters,

We write this newsflash today to discuss a delicate issue – the protection and conservation of the movable assets of your Congregations.

As you already know, there are many ways to invest liquidity and various types of investments, which differ in many aspects and parameters to be taken into account – first of all, the investor’s knowledge of the sector as well as the investor’s propensity to risk (do I want to keep my assets as they are or am I willing to take some risk to increase my assets and if so, how much am I willing to risk?).

But how can I control the risk?

Certainly, one of the key concepts of finance, perhaps the most delicate and important element, you have surely already heard of it, is that of portfolio diversification. But what exactly is meant by the word ‘diversification’?

Let’s look at, in brief, what are the advantages of diversification

Risk diversification in investments is a concept that can be expressed at various levels. Diversification is a risk management strategy that preaches the inclusion of a wide variety of investments within a portfolio. A diversified portfolio contains a mix of assets and investment vehicles to limit exposure to the specific risks of a single asset. The rationale behind this technique is that a portfolio consisting of different asset types will, on average, produce higher long-term returns, while reducing risk and volatility.

The best way to prevent bad surprises is therefore to diversify – diversification is the basis of any balanced investment strategy.

In fact, the main asset classes (such as stocks, bonds, currencies) do not move in parallel with each other. Indeed, sometimes the rises of one correspond to the falls of another. At this point, the question arises: how do you know if you have a diversified portfolio? A portfolio that can withstand an exceptional external event? And what degree of resistance does it have?

Well, there are tools that, with the use of the ISIN code and the knowledge of the weight of each investment on the total invested, make it possible to determine whether the investment can withstand external factors, and this without even having to indicate how much has been invested in each individual asset. Therefore, these instruments allow, without even having to say how much was invested, to know how it was invested, that is, if the investments are diversified and, therefore, balanced and able to withstand external factors.

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Avv. Federica Loreti

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