Health emergency Covid-19: We are at your side.

Dear Fathers and Sisters,

As a consequence of the events currently afflicting our world, Fiat Lux team has decided to continue its activities in ‘working from home’ mode, in compliance with the new rules established to avoid the spreading of Covid-19.

We are therefore at your disposal as always – and even more in such difficult times.

I would like to share with you a reflection on the pandemic.

I believe that we can only get over this situation if we allow sustainability criteria to prevail, if we are united, taking care of each other, if we are supportive, generous and responsible. We must put the culture of our community and the value of the human being at the centre.

The individualistic and selfish culture clearly does not help – on the contrary, it makes everything more difficult. When some businesses raise prices to make a quick profit or when people ‘panic buy’ hoarding in desperation, we do not take care of each other or the most vulnerable people.

Such behaviours, based only in personal interest, in greed and profiting, and in a short-sighted vision, have proven their inadequacy already in the past.

It is time now to take advantage of this situation to place new emphasis on the need for a model that prioritise sustainable development and human rights.

It is with this approach that Fiat Lux team wants to move forward, with those values at its core, alongside all its clients who have the same priorities and goals.

I wish you all a productive quarantine, and that this will provide us a useful opportunity to reflect on our personal priorities and those of our environment.

If you have any doubts or questions, please email us to

See you soon,

avv. Federica Loreti

Fiat Lux Legal