Guide to the new National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR)

Guide to the new National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR)

Italy restarts:

Illustrated explanatory sheets are available online

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today we are pleased to give you all information needed on the new National Recovery and Resilience Plan (so-called PNRR) developed by the Italian government to restart in the post-pandemic context, within the European framework.

What is the PNRR, what reforms will Italy have to approve in the next five years, how will the public administration change and what opportunities will citizens have?

All the answers to the questions about the PNRR are illustrated and explained, in clear and direct language, in the ten guides “Italy restarts – PNRR in summary”, available on the LineaAmica website ( .it /).

The initiative is carried out by Formez Pa, in agreement with the Minister for Public Administration and the Department of Public Administration, to answer the most common questions about the PNRR, and as such make it a real community value.

A Plan by all, for all.

The guides, in addition to providing an overview of the Plan, its six aims and its 16 components, describe the main novelties, divided by sectors and by recipients.

In the guides we find, in summary, the key document for the reconstruction of the country:

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Kind Regards,

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