Green Pass “rafforzato”: what it is and what it is for

Green Pass “rafforzato”:

what it is and what it is for

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Surely many of you have recently heard of the so-called Green Pass “rafforzato” (enhanched). But what exactly does it mean and what is the difference with the “basic” Green Pass? This new document is governed by the recent Decree Law n. 172 of 26 November 2021, with the declared aim of containing the fourth wave of the pandemic and reducing the number of infections and hospitalizations.

Let’s see what it is.

  • What is the difference between a basic Green Pass and a Green Pass “rafforzato”?

The basic Green Pass indicates the COVID-19 Green Certification, certifying one of the following cases:

  • anti-Sars-Cov-2 vaccination has taken place,
  • recovery from Covid-19 infection or
  • a molecular antigen test has been carried out.

The Green Pass “rafforzato” instead means a COVID-19 Green Certification, certifying only:

  • the anti-Sars-Cov-2 vaccination or
  • recovery from Covid-19 infection.

Therefore, the Green Pass “rafforzato” does not include the option of carrying out a molecular or antigen test. The exemptions provided for children under 12 and for those who have an appropriate medical certification – issued according to the criteria defined in the Circular of the Ministry of Health of 4 August 2021 – also apply in cases where the Green Pass “rafforzato” is required.

  • When did the Green Pass “rafforzato” come into effect?

From 29 November 2021, the Green Pass “rafforzato” is required in yellow and orange areas. From 6 December 2021 to 15 January 2022, it is also required in white areas.

  • What is the Green Pass “rafforzato” for?

The Green Pass “rafforzato” is required in white, yellow and orange areas to access activities and services that would otherwise be subject to restrictions on the basis of current legislation: for example, in white and yellow areas, it is required to access shows, competitions and sporting events, indoor catering, parties (except those related to civil and religious ceremonies), nightclubs, and public ceremonies, and, in orange areas, also to access gyms, festivals, fairs, conferences, and congresses.

For details about the activities allowed without a Green Pass, those allowed with a basic Green Pass, and those with a Green Pass “rafforzato” for the period 6 December 2021 to 15 January 2022, please check the table published on the Italian Government’s website:

  • What should you do to obtain a Green Pass “rafforzato”?

To obtain a Green Pass “rafforzato”, simply show proof of your vaccination or recovery already in your possession to Green Pass inspectors. The verification app held by the inspectors will atutomatically recognize its validity.

  • Is the Green Pass “rafforzato” always required to access indoor catering services?

Currently, the Green Pass “rafforzato” is required for consumption at the table indoors in white, yellow and orange areas, without restrictions in terms of number of diners. There are exceptions for catering services carried out in hotels and other accommodation facilities – reserved exclusively for customers staying there – and in the canteens and catering on a contractual basis. For access to the latter services, therefore, the basic Green Pass, which certifies the negative result of a molecular or antigen test, will also be allowed.

We hope this information is of your interest. Please write to for any questions or further clarification.

Kind Regard,

avv. Federica Loreti

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