Legal / administrative assistance and consultancy

Fiat Lux, through its team of multi-specialty attorneys, provides diligent representation of our clients both in and out of court, in Italy and Spain. We are specialised in the following areas:
Civil litigation and transactional law
Corporate and business law
Administrative law
Labour law
Criminal law

Furthermore, thanks to the expertise we have developed in recent years, and as our network has grown, the Fiat Lux team is likewise able to provide support in interactions with public and government agencies. Our services range from handling complex issues with various Ministries, to interactions with the individual Municipalities and the more common public entities.

Tax consultancy and support

The Fiat Lux team, thanks to its tax and corporate attorneys, provides clients in Italy as well as in Spain tax-law consultancy and other legal services, both in and out of court. Our goal is to provide the best solution: either by identifying the best option to prevent an issue from arising, or by finding the most convenient resolution once it does.

Technical and real-estate assistance and consultancy

The Fiat Lux team offers, furthermore – both in Italy and in Spain – technical assistance and consultancy in the real-estate field, working in close collaboration with its network of architects, engineers, and draftsmen. Within the real-estate sector, in fact, it has become increasingly important to engage such experts, to ensure that the real property subject to a specific transaction complies with an increasingly complex matrix of regulations and statutes.

Private equity consulting

The private equity consulting service offered by our experts consists in the analysis of one’s assets (both real and personal property), where the analysis is performed with a view to assessing the compatibility between the investments made and the ethical impact of the same. To wit, the analysis will focus on identifying ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) tools, that is, the three key factors that measure the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment.

Moreover, the asset analysis for personal property will include:
Income analysis (as against a given benchmark).
Analysis of the volatility of individual instruments and the current portfolio taken as a whole.
Analysis of the portfolio’s diversification.
Risk/return analysis using the indices: sharp index.
Assessment of the maximum potential loss associated with the investments made.

Legal Translations

Fiat Lux team includes a professional network of translators who can provide you with translations of legal and non-legal documents to and from main languages ​​(Italian, French, English, Spanish), as well as to oath, affirm, certify, or legalize translated documents – depending on the specific case. Our professionals work with the utmost confidentiality in relation to the content of the documents sent for translation – where necessary with the signing of a confidentiality agreement. Legal translation focuses on the translation of documents related to the law and legislation in force in different countries. This implies an in-depth specialization – for this reason, our translators are professionals and, most importantly, native speakers of the language in question; they have experience in the sector and in-depth knowledge of the key aspects of the legislation of each country or jurisdiction – as such we are able to guarantee quality and validity of all translations.