Religious congregations

Fiat Lux – Religious Congregations is a division of Fiat Lux, a multifunctional integrated firm of professionals dedicated to serving Catholic religious congregations based or operating in Italy and in Spain. Fiat Lux – Religious Congregations proposes to create efficient and ethical solutions to the variety of legal, administrative and operational problems arising in the course of a religious congregation’s life in Italy and in Spain with particular reference to the congregation’s dealings with Italian and Spanish civil society.

The Fiat Lux management has more than 20 years of experience in assisting foreign clients working in the Italian and Spanish environment and it prides itself on being able to identify those solutions which best fit the needs of the congregations while respecting the congregation’s mission and original culture.

Fiat Lux can offer services in the areas of civil law, canon law, tax, accounting and financial, administrative and regulatory law, labour and employment regulations at the national and international levels. Fiat Lux’s integrated approach in dealing with its client’s problems ensure that the client will receive from Fiat Lux a one-stop comprehensive answer to its question.

Fiat Lux has a management team based in Rome and Madrid composed of lawyers working in close contact with professionals in offices in Milan, London, and New York.

Fiat Lux can offer assistance in Italian, English, French and Spanish.


Fiat Lux goals include supporting non-for profit entities in achieving their mission.

We are convinced that providing a solid legal foundation for these organisations as they carry out their operations can streamline the pursuit of their goals.

The professionals at Fiat Lux are experts in resolving those major issues (legal, administrative, or tax-related) that non-profit organisations face over their lifecycle, either under Italian or under Spanish law.

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