About us

Fiat Lux is the brainchild of attorney Federica Loreti, its founder, with the goal of creating a network of professionals who, in pooling their expertise from a variety of sectors, are able to respond in a more thorough way to the needs of their clients. Today, the various areas of operations for the individual categories of professionals are interconnected. Indeed, to solve a legal issue, one often needs to engage the acumen of other professionals, including qualified accountants, architects, and draftsmen (for a real-estate transaction), or a financial advisor, to manage a mutual fund or real-property holdings.

Attorney Federica Loreti, with over 15 years’ experience in the legal field, has culled a group of professionals -the most reliable and skilled in their respective fields- who have worked with her for years, resolving a host of thorny challenges along the way.

Each and every professional who is a part of Fiat Lux is a sober and consummate professional, who takes pride in serving their clients, striving to find the best solutions to their problems.

Where we are
(Roma & Madrid)



My name is Federica Loreti and I am an attorney. The idea to create this new type of service came as a response to those concrete needs which, over my many years of practice, I have known and witnessed first-hand. The modern world is increasingly complex and confusing, with relationships growing more and more complicated. One truly needs experts -in a variety of fields- who are able to light our path, and guide us through legal quandaries and red tape. Indeed, as time goes on, more and more laws are being passed both in Italy and in Europe, laws that are increasingly hard to interpret. The statutory sources overlap, the correct interpretation is not always easy to pin down, and thus it is hard to know what rule applies to the case at hand.



Fiat Lux -as the name itself implies- hopes to go back to the beginning, when everything was created, but darkness surrounded creation. Then came the light: everything became visible, the way forward clear, doubts dispelled.

This is our mission: to bring light where there is darkness, to reignite the hope of finding the straight and narrow, including for those who have lost their way. Finding the right -and most convenient- legal solution, one that depends on the facts at hand, to provide our clients peace of mind, and the courage to head down the path in front of them, in the knowledge of having made the right choice.



We certainly do not limit ourselves to the legal aspects alone: we want to provide our clients the certainty that extends into industries and sectors relevant to a particular transaction: our team, in fact, is made up of professionals from a variety of fields: attorneys, along with qualified accountants, bookkeepers, architects, engineers, employment and labour consultants, real-estate consultants, and financial advisors.



But that is not all. In this constantly inter-connected world, there is an increasing need to have international contacts, to know and be able to operate beyond one’s own national borders. For this reason, and precisely to respond to the needs of many clients who have offices spread across the world, we want to ensure support and consultancy in a variety of other countries, through a network of international professionals.



Precisely to give shape to the idea of its international breadth, the logo chosen for Fiat Lux Legal includes the dandelion (that in its stylised version, brings to mind a lit lamp), which when it blooms takes on the characteristics of a pappus: a feathery tuft of white hair that acts as a parachute and facilitates the wind’s spreading the seed. Through that simple mechanism, a flower’s seed, carried by the wind, can go anywhere. In much the same way we want our message to travel, carrying our customers beyond national borders.